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Eazy-E tribute to go ahead in Newhaven

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Eazy-E tribute to go ahead in Newhaven

Bizarre request I know right? Well there wasn’t stopping this man from putting together a campaign for the go-ahead of the tribute to the American Gangsta Rapper.

Pictured (Left to right – Eazy-E and Guy Stevens)

Guy Stevens (an old college friend of mine), from Newhaven thought he would spark a debate in a local community group on Facebook about ‘erecting a statue’ in the town based in East Sussex, not far from Brighton.

Not knowing his sense of humour, the local newspaper The Argus caught up with Guy about his campaign and even interviewed the local council to get their opinion on this.

Original article:

The council dismissed plans having no idea on who the artist Eazy-E was and would prefer something paying homeage to the Beatles.

Now there was I thinking, this was absolutely hilarious that the press had given this coverage, however also realised what a clever ploy to get a town like Newhaven (relatively unheard of by people not in the area) on the map.

Newhaven is a channel ferry port in East Sussex in England, with regular passenger services to Dieppe.

With a relatively small population (12,000 people recorded on cenus back in 2011), I’m not surprised it’s unheard of.

Now I had fond memories during my college years of visiting the town, so I thought why not support something as ludacris (not the rapper!) and crazy like this!

The local council has now agreed that if Mr Stevens can raise £2,000 for a council-approved bench will now be permitted.

Okay, this has been downgraded from the original concept of a statue, however this is still something and I applaud more people to recognise musical talent across a range of different genres.

The NWA (part of the group that the late Eazy-E was in), alongside hip-hop superstars Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, were active from 1986 to 1991. The rap group endured controversy owing to their music’s explicit lyrics and even had their records banned from American radio stations during this period.

Not everyone’s cup of tea, however more people should take a page from Guy’s book if they believe in something to make it happen. This has now received international media coverage and wouldn’t it be great if Dr. Dre and/or Ice Cube we’re available to make an appearance at the unveiling?

Let’s help Guy raise his £2,000 to fund for this to happen and any additional funds will be donated to a local Brighton based charity for HIV/Aids charity which is what Eazy-E died from in 1995.

If you wish to donate to the cause visit Guy’s fundraiser page:

What do you think about this? Do you have a cause that you believe in? Have your say below…


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