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New nightclub to open 2021

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New nightclub to open 2021

This has always been a nice ‘retirement’ idea for me, to open a nightclub. During challenging times with COVID-19 causing a lockdown on all clubs, bars and restaurants, this hasn’t stopped me to announce that I plan to open a new nightclub in Brighton called ‘Toons’:

The nightclub will be very different to your contemporary styles of music you expect to hear. With a twist, we will have DJ’s playing a mix of the very best Cartoon theme songs past and present!

From the likes of Bananaman through to Zing-zillas, we have a full library to cater for songs to remind you of your childhood.

We will be hosting earlier in the evening under 18 nights to with a selection of non-alcoholic mocktails available.

The club will open on the old site for Creation Nightclub (also formally known as Tru and then later as HedKandi before its closure), on 1st April 2021.

I will keep you posted on any future developments and a VIP guest list with special guests to appear on the opening night!

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