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What’s chocolate got to do with it?

What on earth has chocolate got to do with Easter? This has always baffled me and I am sure it has you, however the traditional (or religious) meaning behind Easter is behind the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So what has Chocolate eggs got to do with it? Originally was not allowed by the…
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Pay peanuts and get monkeys

… as the old saying goes! I witnessed this on a rare Saturday night off recently to attend a party as a guest. I am not one known to openly critic ones work, however as I was on the other side of the DJ booth for a change, I thought I would offer some words…
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Upcoming events near you

Happy New Year to you! I hope you’re well and enjoyed the festive break. We celebrated some great news that the latest edition to the Empire is going to be a boy… so feeling just a little bit less outnumbered now; although the numbers are still against me! January has been exceptionally busy for me,…
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A sound investment

Corny heading I know right? However for any DJ to be successful at what they do, they must have a decent PA system to play out to their party guests. In recent years I have been using the Cerwin Vega Intense INT152 600W Speakers which has been rated in the top 5 for Passive Wooden…
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Back at Hever Castle

It’s been two years since I was involved with the filming of Channel 5’s Cowboy Traders with Dominic Littlewood and Melinda Messenger and I’m back again, this time for the wedding of Charlotte Walker and Jonny Mitchell… [fbalbum url=;type=3] I always get a little bit excited when performing at iconic venues like Hever Castle. I…
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