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Pay peanuts and get monkeys

… as the old saying goes! I witnessed this on a rare Saturday night off recently to attend a party as a guest. I am not one known to openly critic ones work, however as I was on the other side of the DJ booth for a change, I thought I would offer some words…
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A sound investment

Corny heading I know right? However for any DJ to be successful at what they do, they must have a decent PA system to play out to their party guests. In recent years I have been using the Cerwin Vega Intense INT152 600W Speakers which has been rated in the top 5 for Passive Wooden…
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Beware of the Trolls

What is an Internet Troll? The traditional meaning behind a troll was always depicted as an ugly cave-dwelling creature or monster. This is also true to this new meaning the “Internet Troll”, whom personality is reflected by this description of a troll. Sadly myself, have been a victim of Internet Trolling on a community group…
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How did we do?

Like any business, reviews and positive feedback are key to their survival. It is always in their best interest to provide a great service and experience to their customers. At A.C.Knell Entertainment we strive to treat each gig we perform at as the best ever to ensure the crowd have an enjoyable and fun experience.…
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